Our Approach

Our Approach

At KODA Design we work hard to create beautiful, professional, and impressive websites for our customers. But it’s more than that.  We provide customer support, training and expertise that will build your brand and your bottom line profit.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.

rob 1

Rob Walter

Founder & CEO

When I was in elementary school, our family purchased our first computer – a Commodore Vic-20.  This wasn’t big enough so a few months later we upgraded to a Commodore 64.  Software was limited and so I was able to convince my mom to type pages of number code from a computer magazine in order to watch a black fly zoom across the screen.  We were fascinated!  There was no way that mom was going to type the code over and over again so we attached a data cassette to store the fly.  Trouble was it took several minutes every time we wanted to load it back onto the computer.

When I was in grade seven, I would arrive at school before 7 a.m. hoping to get access to the school computers in the lab.  I quickly learned that if I could help older students with their homework they would leave the lab early and I could use their machine.  So I worked hard to keep one step ahead of the seniors.

In Rosetown, Saskatchewan I started taking computer classes and not only won an award but also began tutoring other students in the lab while the teacher was relaying theoretical concepts.

My passion quickly grew and from then on I didn’t allow anything to stop me from being on the cutting edge of technology.

I have worked in the retail sales and operated my private business for more than a decade gaining expertise in hardware, software and consulting arenas

Koda Designs helps clients to meet their goals by planning, designing, developing and operationalizing their marketing and business needs.

I pride myself as being the bridge between practical and technological and enjoy my addiction for the latest in geek toys. 

As a business owner, you are the Top Dog.  Would you like me to be the one who walks you through the decision-making process that leads to days with more efficiency and fun?  Or maybe you need me to be the trainer for your litter (staff).

Just give me a whistle and we can begin!



Purebred Marketing Mascot

I am a Registered Morkie who immigrated to Saskatoon from the United States of America.  Everyone thinks that I am just a cute companion but really I am the dog-gone best marketing guru you have ever seen.  Some of you might have noticed my photos on Facebook and the huge number of posts that are generated because of my web presence.

Koda Designs is my namesake.  I think that Rob named the company after me for two reasons.  One is because of his puppy love (You see he says that I am his very best friend in the world which is what dogs are supposed to be).

The other is because Koda actually means “friend” or “companion”.  Building a business is about relationship. Rob and I are not only friends with each other but we will also be your friends and companions for as long as you want.

I am not sure if you know that I love to do pet tricks.  I can beg, move my ears on command and even play dead when Rob points a finger and says “Bang”.

I don’t want you to have to beg to get customers.  Moving your ears won’t draw business and I sure don’t want you to ever feel like your business is dead.  But the marketplace is competitive. it is a dog-eat-dog world out there.

The good news is that Rob knows technology tricks that will help you to master technology so that you and your business grow.  He always has treats for me and I am sure he will have some for you that you never even dreamed were available.  He’ll work like a dog for you.

As you probably know, dogs live in the moment.  Right now I am thinking about a nap as I am dog tired.

Before I go though I just want to let you know that I am looking forward to seeing you soon.  Perhaps we will be able to share a bowl of food or perhaps a walk in the park.  That would be great.   Hot diggety-dog!